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Subject [03/15] incubator-geode git commit: GEODE-2019 Add automated rebalance documentation
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2016 20:10:27 GMT
GEODE-2019  Add automated rebalance documentation


Branch: refs/heads/feature/GEODE-2012
Commit: f1be596a322911525908524663cc0e5cad17a2bb
Parents: 11ef3eb
Author: Karen Miller <>
Authored: Thu Oct 20 10:23:12 2016 -0700
Committer: Karen Miller <>
Committed: Thu Oct 20 10:23:12 2016 -0700

 .../source/subnavs/geode-subnav.erb             |  3 +
 .../             | 66 ++++++++++++++++++++
 .../                |  5 ++
 3 files changed, 74 insertions(+)
diff --git a/geode-book/master_middleman/source/subnavs/geode-subnav.erb b/geode-book/master_middleman/source/subnavs/geode-subnav.erb
index 53e9118..2373f4b 100644
--- a/geode-book/master_middleman/source/subnavs/geode-subnav.erb
+++ b/geode-book/master_middleman/source/subnavs/geode-subnav.erb
@@ -959,6 +959,9 @@ limitations under the License.
                                 <a href="/docs/developing/partitioned_regions/rebalancing_pr_data.html">Rebalancing
Partitioned Region Data</a>
+                                <a href="/docs/developing/partitioned_regions/automated_rebalance.html">Automated
Rebalancing of Partitioned Region Data</a>
+                            </li>
+                            <li>
                                 <a href="/docs/developing/partitioned_regions/checking_region_redundancy.html">Checking
Redundancy in Partitioned Regions</a>
diff --git a/geode-docs/developing/partitioned_regions/ b/geode-docs/developing/partitioned_regions/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..d4ca2a6
--- /dev/null
+++ b/geode-docs/developing/partitioned_regions/
@@ -0,0 +1,66 @@
+title:  Automated Rebalance
+Automated rebalance triggers a rebalance
+(see [Rebalancing Partitioned Region Data](rebalancing_pr_data.html))
+operation based on a
+time schedule.
+At the scheduled intervals, the balance of the partitioned regions
+is evaluated based on configured criteria.
+One criterion is a minimum threshhold for number of bytes that
+would be transferred if the rebalance takes place.
+The other criterion uses the ratio of the number of bytes
+that would be transferred to the total number of bytes in the
+If the evaluation indicates the system is out of balance,
+the rebalance transfer is initiated.
+To enable automated rebalance, specify the rebalance manager
+in the `<initializer>` attribute within the `<cache>` configuration
+of the `cache.xml` file:
+``` pre
+<class-name> org.apache.geode.cache.util.AutoBalancer </class-name>
+The time schedule that triggers an evaluation and possible rebalance
+uses a cron-based specification in 
+the `<initializer>` attribute within the `<cache>` configuration 
+of the `cache.xml` file.
+This scheduling specification is required.
+Specify the cron expression in the Spring format.
+This example specification triggers each Saturday at 3am:
+``` pre
+<parameter name="schedule"> 0 0 3 ? * SAT </parameter>
+This example specification triggers once each day at 4am:
+``` pre
+<parameter name="schedule"> 0 0 4 * * ?</parameter>
+The automated rebalance specifications that specify criteria for
+triggering the rebalance are optional and have reasonable default values.
+One criterion is a minimum number of bytes that would be transferred
+if the rebalance were to take place.
+The specification is in units of bytes; here is the specification
+for the default value of 100MB:
+``` pre
+<parameter name="minimum-size"> 104857600</parameter>
+Another criterion represents the ratio of bytes that would be transferred
+to the total number of bytes in the partitioned regions,
+represented as an integer percentage.
+The default is 10 percent.
+This example specificies 15 percent:
+``` pre
+<parameter name="size-threshold-percent"> 15 </parameter>
diff --git a/geode-docs/developing/partitioned_regions/ b/geode-docs/developing/partitioned_regions/
index c92921b..e450ee5 100644
--- a/geode-docs/developing/partitioned_regions/
+++ b/geode-docs/developing/partitioned_regions/
@@ -49,6 +49,11 @@ In addition to basic region management, partitioned regions include options
     In a distributed system with minimal contention to the concurrent threads reading or
updating from the members, you can use rebalancing to dynamically increase or decrease your
data and processing capacity.
+- **[Automated Rebalancing of Partitioned Region Data](../../developing/partitioned_regions/automated_rebalance.html)**
+    The automated rebalance feature triggers a rebalance operation
+based on a time schedule.
 -   **[Checking Redundancy in Partitioned Regions](../../developing/partitioned_regions/checking_region_redundancy.html)**
     Under some circumstances, it can be important to verify that your partitioned region
data is redundant and that upon member restart, redundancy has been recovered properly across
partitioned region members.

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