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Subject [01/51] [partial] incubator-geode git commit: Set aside hibernate cache docs until the corresponding code is mainstreamed.
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 20:01:42 GMT
Repository: incubator-geode
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/feature/GEODE-1968 [created] 84cfbdfc1
diff --git a/geode-docs/tools_modules/gemcached/ b/geode-docs/tools_modules/gemcached/
deleted file mode 100644
index 2c4724e..0000000
--- a/geode-docs/tools_modules/gemcached/
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,97 +0,0 @@
-title:  Deploying and Configuring a Gemcached Server
-Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
-contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file distributed with
-this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
-The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
-(the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
-the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at
-Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
-distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
-See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
-limitations under the License.
-You can configure and deploy Gemcached servers in a Java class or by using the gfsh command-line
-The following sections describe how to configure and deploy an embedded Gemcached server.
You can configure and start a GemCached server either by invoking a Java class that calls
the cache server's `start()` method, or by starting the cache server using the gfsh command
-## <a id="topic_7B158074B27A4FEF9D38E7C369905C72__section_17E7E4058D914334B9C5AC2E3DC1F7F2"
class="no-quick-link"></a>Embedding a Gemcached server in a Geode Java Application
-The `org.apache.geode.memcached` package contains a single class, `GemFireMemcachedServer`.
(See the [Geode Javadocs](
Use this class to configure and embed a Gemcached server in a Geode cache server. For example,
the following statement creates and starts an embedded Gemcached server on port number 5555
using the binary protocol:
-``` pre
-GemFireMemcachedServer server = 
-  new GemFireMemcachedServer(5555, Protocol.BINARY);server.start(); 
-By default, Gemcached servers use the ASCII protocol.
-When you start a Gemcached server, by default, it creates a `RegionShortcut.PARTITION` region
named `gemcached` where data used by memcached clients is stored. You can alter these defaults
by configuring the region using the `cache.xml` or `` files. See [Distributed
System and Cache Configuration](../../basic_config/config_concepts/chapter_overview.html).
-## <a id="topic_7B158074B27A4FEF9D38E7C369905C72__section_58A3FFED5BBB4F92A79FBD50421DC3F3"
class="no-quick-link"></a>Starting a Gemcached Server Using a gfsh Command
-You can also start a Gemcached server with the gfsh command-line interface. Use the following
-``` pre
-gfsh>start server 
-  --name=<server_name> 
-  --server-port=<port_number> 
-  --memcached-port=<port_number>
-  --memcached-protocol=BINARY|ASCII
-You can also set the memcached port number and protocol in the `` file.
-If the `memcached-port` property is not specified, the embedded Gemcached server is not started.
-## <a id="topic_7B158074B27A4FEF9D38E7C369905C72__section_E5587FE56A21424FBAEE8CF61DF34219"
class="no-quick-link"></a>Configuring a Gemcached Server with the
-You can set the following properties in the `` file that are used when
starting Gemcached servers:
-<a id="topic_7B158074B27A4FEF9D38E7C369905C72__table_3F586259E06E42C4BD82AD661B3AFEA4"></a>
-<caption><span class="tablecap">Table 1. Gemcached Properties</span></caption>
-<col width="50%" />
-<col width="50%" />
-<tr class="header">
-<tr class="odd">
-<td><code class="ph codeph">memcached-port</code></td>
-<td><p>The port number where the Gemcached server listens for connections from
memcached clients.</p>
-<p>If the port number is set to 0 or the <code class="ph codeph">memcached-port</code>
parameter is omitted, the Gemcached server does not start.</p></td>
-<tr class="even">
-<td><code class="ph codeph">memcached-protocol</code></td>
-<td><p>Memcached supports both ASCII and binary communication protocols. 
-(See <a href="">Memcached
protocol</a> By default, Gemcached uses the ASCII protocol.</p>
-<p>Set one of the following values:</p>
-<li><code class="ph codeph">ASCII</code> (default)</li>
-<li><code class="ph codeph">BINARY</code></li>
-<span class="tablecap">Table 1. Gemcached Properties</span>

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