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From Manu Zhang <>
Subject Re: Start of release 0.8.2-incubating
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2016 03:35:46 GMT
Thanks Kam for volunteering as the release manager. Please shout on the
list if any help is needed.

It's been quite a while since last release and we have put in a lot of bug
fixes and improvements.
Meanwhile, the binary release is required for Gearpump integration with
other projects.

For example,
SAMOA-59: add an adapter for Apache Gearpump
add gearpump benchmark for yahoo streaming benchmarks

We'd better release in shorter cycles in the future.

Now, let's roll it out !


On Wed, Nov 2, 2016 at 1:10 AM Kam Kasravi <> wrote:

> This is notice that we will begin getting 0.8.2-incubating ready for
> release.
> I would like to volunteer to be the release manager for 0.8.2-incubating.
> This next version (0.8.2-incubating) will be a binary release,
> so it will require different LICENSE and NOTICE files.
> We would like to minimally include the following JIRA's (pending feedback).
> They have been
> categorized by resolved and open. Our target date is within 3 weeks from
> today to submit a RELEASE vote in dev, followed by the RELEASE vote in
> incubator. We will update the JIRA's below within this thread as feedback
> is provided.
> Thanks
> Kam
> Open
> GEARPUMP-22  Support akka-streams Gearpump Materializer
> GEARPUMP-112 DAG chart in dashboard does not show data, when flow is small
> GEARPUMP-144 Modify Gearpump's yarnclient so it can use provided user for
> GEARPUMP-190 Add logo with text to site
> GEARPUMP-191 add ability to control rate to TaskActor
> GEARPUMP-193 Need ability to request upstream messages (pull)
> GEARPUMP-198 empty kafka topics show very high receive throughput
> GEARPUMP-199 high throughput results in high GC costs
> GEARPUMP-200 A missing gear.conf in services and other gearpump commands
> should result in an ERROR to the log
> GEARPUMP-206 access to upstream and downstream processors
> GEARPUMP-211 Look at merging or unifying akka-stream DSL and Gearpump DSL
> GEARPUMP-223 Support Redis Cluster Sink
> Resolved
> GEARPUMP-15  Define initial Apache branded home website
> GEARPUMP-32  Minimum clock of source Tasks maybe inaccurate
> GEARPUMP-37  Sometimes application clock is "not started" when the data
> stream is very slow
> GEARPUMP-48  Improve Java interoperability
> GEARPUMP-171 Fix some typos
> GEARPUMP-185 Yarn kills Apache Gearpump's worker if the memory usage is too
> high
> GEARPUMP-188 use java.time.Instant for Task start time
> GEARPUMP-189 Update project/Build.scala to enable publishing releases to
> <>
> Busy loop in FetchThread when incoming queue is full
> GEARPUMP-201 integration test failure
> GEARPUMP-203 Use DataSourceTask / DataSinkTask for DSL
> GEARPUMP-205 remove hdfs dependency from command gear's classpath
> GEARPUMP-207 remove hadoop dependency out of application path from
> dashboard
> GEARPUMP-208 Demo site goes down a lot. Also references when
> connection is refused
> GEARPUMP-212 Make Gearpump's shaded artifacts publishable
> GEARPUMP-215 Gearpump Redis Integration - RedisStorage
> GEARPUMP-222 DFSJarStore is loaded even when local file path is configured
> GEARPUMP-224 Merge gearpump-daemon to gearpump-core
> GEARPUMP-225 move partitioner from gearpump-core to module
> gearpump-streaming
> GEARPUMP-227 remove unneeded license files
>    -

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