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From Jiang Weihua <>
Subject Re: Sink/source tickets
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 03:51:05 GMT
+1 on the order. 

@manuzhang, how difficult to have GEARPUMP-116 as you wrote the Storm compatibility layer?

NOTE: GEARPUMP-116 is DIFFERENT from our Storm app compatibility. GEARPUMP-116 tries to provide
Storm compatible Source/Sink to Gearpump native application instead of Storm app. 


在 16/5/5 上午1:34,“Karol Brejna”<> 写入:

>We have a series of jira tickets regarding Gearpump sinks/sources:
> - Compatibility
>layer/adapter for Apache Storm
> - Create MQTT source/sink
> - Gearpump Redis
> - Provide non-persistent
>Sink Task so that examples like word count can materialize Sum results
>within the Client
> - Source task that emits
>messages per a schedule (interval or otherwise) should be provided
> - Add parquet datasource
>and datasink connectors
> - Apache Cassandra
>We also had a ticket for 'Add a HDFS Sink with secutiry' (
> - I am not sure as for
>the outcome of this one.
>Most of them consider the medium (MQTT, Redis, Casandra, ...). Other talk
>about the source mechanics (scheduled/repetative source).
>I'd like to discuss the order in wich we plan implementation for them.
>In my opinion Redis an MQTT (GEARPUMP-106, GEARPUMP-115) seems most
>important to have.
>Redis is well known and widely used. MQTT is a de facto standard in IoT
>Then I would like to have HDFS sink (if we didn't merged this already).
>Non-persistent datasink could be very useful for examples/demo purposes.
>(Imagine we have capped collection that the application can send messages
>to, kind of application console. In the dashboard there could be a section
>that presents lates 'console' messages. This way a user could "watch" the
>application progress. Especially if he/she doesn't have access to the
>backend - as it happens often in YARN mode. But this is a topic for
>dedicated discussion, I think.)
>On the other hand, if we start working on GEARPUMP-116, we'd probably
>quickly have Redis, JMS, AMQP sources (adapted from Storm)
>Please, let me know what do you think.

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