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From manuzhang <>
Subject [GitHub] incubator-gearpump pull request: gearpump-34 update developer docu...
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2016 05:49:44 GMT
Github user manuzhang commented on a diff in the pull request:
    --- Diff: ---
    @@ -1,92 +1,378 @@
    -This documents are for committers which have direct write permission to intel-hadoop/gearpump
    +# Developer documentation
    -Commit Guideline
    -1.	For all commit(except doc), must create an issue id.
    -2.	For all commit log message, must contain the issue id, Like this: fix #issueId, comments.
    -3.	For all PR, the title must contains issue Id.
    -4.	We use rebase and squash instead of merge to ensure the log message is clean. Check
section "Pull Request merge process for Gearpump"
    -5.	Every commit (except doc) must have 1 guy to review before commit.
    +This document summarizes the information relevant to Gearpump committers and contributors.
 It includes information about
    +the development processes and policies as well as the tools we use to facilitate those.
    -Pull Request merge process for Gearpump
    -1. Fork in github to create a /gearpump repo. After fork, you will have a new repo at<git-user_id>/gearpump.
    -2. Add gearpump/gearpump as an external repo 'upstream' by following the [guide](
    -  ```bash
    -  git remote add upstream
    -  ```
    +Table of Contents
    +* <a href="#welcome">Welcome!</a>
    +* <a href="#workflow">Contribution workflow</a>
    +    * <a href="#report-bug">Report a bug</a>
    +    * <a href="#request-feature">Request a new feature</a>
    +    * <a href="#contribute-code">Contribute code/document by creating a Pull Request</a>
    +    * <a href="code-review">Code Review</a>
    +* <a href="#build-and-test">Build the code and run the tests</a>
    +    * <a href="#local-copy">Make a local copy of Gearpump</a>
    +    * <a href="#build">How to build</a>
    +    * <a href="#test">How to test</a>
    +    * <a href="#build-doc">How to build document</a>
    +    * <a href="#ide-setup">IDE setup</a>
    +    * <a href="#code-style">Code style</a>
    +    * <a href="#write-unittest">How to write unit test</a>
    +    * <a href="#write-integrationtest">How to write integration test</a>
    +    * <a href="#write-doc">How to write document</a>
    +* <a href="#committer-work">Committer section</a>
    +    * <a href="#approve-pull-request">Approve a pull request</a>
    +    * <a href="#merge-pull-request">Merge a pull request or patch</a>
    +    * <a href="#release">How to make a release</a>    
    -3. In local master branch, periodically sync the forked master with the main master with

    -  ```
    -   git pull --rebase upstream  master
    -   git push origin master
    -  ``` 
    -No work should ever be done in the forked master. Another way to do this is to 
    - ```
    - git checkout master
    - git fetch upstream
    - git rebase upstream/master
    - ```
    +<a name="welcome"></a>
    +# Welcome!
    +If you are reading this document then you are interested in contributing to the Gearpump
project -- many thanks for that!
    +All contributions are welcome: ideas, documentation, code, patches, bug reports, feature
requests, etc. 
    +<a name="workflow"></a>
    +# Contribution workflow
    +This section explains how to make a contribution. 
    +<a name="report-bug"></a>
    +## Report a bug
    +To report a bug you should [open an issue](
in our issue tracker that
    +summarizes the bug.  Set the form field "Issue type" to "Bug".  If you have not used
the issue tracker before you will
    +need to register an account (free), log in, and then click on the red "Create Issue"
button in the top navigation bar.
    +In order to help us understand and fix the bug it would be great if you could provide
us with:
    +1. The steps to reproduce the bug.  This includes information about e.g. the Gearpump
version you were using, the deployment model, etc.
    +2. The expected behavior.
    +3. The actual, incorrect behavior.
    +Feel free to search the issue tracker for existing issues (aka tickets) that already
describe the problem;  if there is
    +such a ticket please add your information as a comment.
    +**If you want to provide a patch along with your bug report:**
    +That is great!  In this case please send us a pull request as described in section [Create
a pull request](#create-pr) below.
    +You can also opt to attach a patch file to the issue ticket, but we prefer pull requests
because they are easier to work
    +<a name="request-feature"></a>
    +## Request a new feature
    +To request a new feature you should [open an issue](
in our issue tracker
    +and summarize the desired functionality.  Set the form field "Issue type" to "New feature".
 If you have not used the
    +issue tracker before you will need to register an account (free), log in, and then click
on the blue "Create Issue"
    +button in the top navigation bar.
    -4. Create a working branch
    +<a name="contribute-code"></a>
    +## Contribute code/document by creating Pull Request
    +Before you set out to contribute code we recommend that you familiarize yourself with
the Gearpump codebase and corresponding development document at Gearpump website.
    +_If you are interested in contributing code to Gearpump but do not know where to begin:_
    +In this case you should
    +[browse our issue tracker for open issues and tasks](
    +Contributions to the Gearpump codebase should be sent as GitHub pull requests.  See section
[Create a pull request](#create-pr) below
    +for details.  If there is any problem with the pull request we can iterate on it using
the commenting features of
    +* For _small patches_, feel free to submit pull requests directly for those patches.
    +* For _larger code contributions_, please use the following process. The idea behind
this process is to prevent any
    +  wasted work and catch design issues early on.
    +    1. [Open an issue]( on our issue tracker
if a similar issue does not
    +       exist already.  If a similar issue does exist, then you may consider participating
in the work on the existing
    +       issue.
    +    2. Comment on the issue with your plan for implementing the issue.  Explain what
pieces of the codebase you are
    +       going to touch and how everything is going to fit together.
    +    3. Gearpump committers will iterate with you on the design to make sure you are on
the right track.
    +    4. Implement your issue, create a pull request (see below), and iterate from there.
    +### Contribution Guideline
    +1.	For all commits, must create an issue id.
    +2.	For all commit log messages, must contain the issue id, Like this: fix #issueId, comments.
    +3.	For all PRs (pull request), the title must contains issue Id.
    --- End diff --
    =>  must contain issue id 

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contact infrastructure at or file a JIRA ticket
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