In addition to the previous email, while I am investigating this issue a bit I was curious:
Is the XML/DTD validation done with Local or Remote (web based) dtd docs?

It seems like the DTD's are located here

Can the DTDs be made local? 

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 12:41 PM, Bryce Alcock <> wrote:
So I will be giving this a try tonight or over the weekend...
However, I wanted to ask a couple of more questions:
(just to start people thinking...)
1.  I would ultimately like to have a solution that requires only modifications to my website data, not changes to the Forrest XSL Files.
     Therefore, can we design/architect a change that can be contributed back to Forrest.
2.  Most users would want tracking, but they may not want the "Google" proprietary tracking,
     Therefore, is it possible to design it to accept a "CDATA" as aposed to a "PCDATA" thus allowing Arbitrary code in the website data.
3.  Is it possible to update the DTD Docs with optional fields.  I Kinda like the validation.

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 10:43 AM, Steve Wolke <> wrote:



You can turn off validation of the skinconfig.xml in the file like the following



# validation properties


# This set of properties determine if validation is performed

# Values are inherited unless overridden.

# e.g. if forrest.validate=false then all others are false unless set to true.











Then to get your property you can just call


<xsl:value-of select='//skinconfig/project-tracking'/>





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Subject: Re: Tracking Codes and Java Script


Ok so far so so...

I have added the Tracking JavaScript to the site-to-xhtml.xsl file.  And that seems to be working fine.

I have added the variable to my skinconfig.xml file in the project directory, And finally I have been looking

at how to pull the variable out of the skinconfig.xml and use it in the site-to-xhtml.xsl as a variable.



However, when I go to build the site I get the following Error:



/home/bryce/repos/brycealcock/ Element type "project-tracking" must be declared.

/home/bryce/repos/brycealcock/ The content of element type "skinconfig" must match "(search?,disable-print-link?,disable-pdf-link?,disable-pod-link?,disable-txt-link?,disable-xml-link?,disable-external-link-image?,disable-compliance-links?,obfuscate-mail-links?,obfuscate-mail-value?,disable-font-script?,project-name?,project-description?,project-url?,project-logo,group-name?,group-description?,group-url?,group-logo?,host-url?,host-logo?,favicon-url?,disable-copyright-footer?,year?,vendor?,copyright-link?,trail?,toc?,headings?,feedback?,motd?,extra-css?,colors?,pdf?,credits?)".





So it is obviously getting validated against a DTD or something, and does not like the fact that I added the



So I need more help.





On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 7:49 AM, Steve Wolke <> wrote:



I think this will work.


You could add the google analytics code in the  <xsl:template match="site"/> of the common skin file ‘site-to-xhtml.xsl’ in the directory ‘main\webapp\skins\common\xslt\html’ with a variable for the tracking site ID  hat will come from the skinconfig.xml file.  Then put your tracking site ID in the skinconfig.xml file on some new created element and modify the ‘skinconf.xsl’ in the directory ‘main\webapp\skins\common’ to make sure that you handle defaults properly.





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Sent: Monday, September 20, 2010 3:01 PM
Subject: Tracking Codes and Java Script



I was wondering if there was a simple and systematic way to configure a tracking code into Forrest, for every page.


So for a concrete example I would like to add a

Google Analytics tracking code to the bottom of each page.


Currently I am having to do this by modifying files in the Forrest directories.

(This works file with the exception that I have 2 forrest project and I have to keep remembering to change these files...)


I would like to just be able to specify a tracking code and style or possibly an html/javascript segment,

in a Config file such as site.xml or something like that.