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From Sander W G van der Waal <>
Subject Unable to find the description of org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.inputModule
Date Mon, 19 Oct 2009 08:29:35 GMT

I am a new user of Forrest and downloaded and installed the 0.8 
release of Forrest last Friday. I want to run Forrest locally on 
an existing Forrest-website, so after installation I executed 
'forrest run' from the basedir of my website. The following error 
appeared : 

C:\java\apache-forrest-0.8\main\targets\plugins.xml:359: STOP GENERATION !
    WARNING - Cannot find the plugin description

    Unable to find the description of org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.inputModule in the
different descriptor files.

The output.inputModule was indeed present in my project.required.plugins 
list in, which seems mandatory following FOR-926 [1]. 
The local plugin list in plugins/plugins.xml of release 0.8 contains a 
reference to output.inputModule, but this file is overridden with the 
public plugins.xml [2] which does not contain the reference to 
output.inputModule (because of FOR-1103 [3]?).

Since the public plugin list is not version specific I suspect it would 
still need older plugins listed there, but I am only new here so I am 
not sure I understand the mechanism correctly.

I got it up-and-running by changing the ant file main/targets/plugins.xml, 
task fetch-plugins-descriptors. Changing the var plugin-counter to 3 on 
line 293 kept the local plugins.xml files and added the remote ones instead 
of overriding them. This worked for me but it may not be the way Forrest 
should be used.

I could not find anything on my problem in the documentation / list / issue 
tracker. Did I overlook something? Is there a better way to handle this? 

Best regards,

Sander van der Waal


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