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From Vicent Mas <>
Subject Customising skin configuration DTD [Was: More than one copyright notice]
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 08:45:41 GMT

I have done it by customising:

- the skin configuration DTD
- the site-2-xhtml stylesheet of the pelt skin

The customisation consists basically in adding three new elements to
the DTD (extra-year, extra-vendor and extra-copyright-link) and adding
a template for processing them in site-2-xhtml.xsl.

However as I've no very  much experience neither with DTDs nor XSL
I've done it in a rough way. In particular I've not been able to
customise the DTD following the directions of the XML Validation
document (and its references) in the Forrest website. What I've done
is to copy the original DTD in a new file, edit the root element to
include the new elements I wanted to add and declare these elements.
Then I've added the new dtd to my catalog and tested that everything
works as expected.

Please, could somebody tell me how to add a new element to the DTD in
a more appropriate way?

Thanks in advance


2009/3/25 Vicent Mas <>:
> Hi,
> in docbook website it is possible to put several copyright notices in
> a page footer. How can achieve the same goal with forrest? The only
> thing I can see regarding copyrights is the skinconf.xml, but it
> allows just for one copyright. And it seems there is not a copyright
> element in the dtd.
> --
> Share what you know, learn what you don't.

Share what you know, learn what you don't.

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