Ross Gardler schrieb:
Re: how to source a global document-to-fo.xsl from my local one?

2009/2/26 EMMEL Thomas <>:
> Ross,
> finally I managed what I liked to do:
> I added
> <xsl:include href="lm://" />

Yes, that works. I forgot we added that. Can you please update the
docs and provide a patch. But you don't need to add anything to your
locationmap, see

So it should be (I've not checked that the PDF plugin conforms to the
naming convention:

<xsl:include href="lm://" />

(just for completeness, the old method does allow the inclusion of
global files as the plugin and skins files are copied by Forrest into
a single location when forrest is run, thus relative paths work
regardless of where the source comes from).

> So, how can I add patches to the documentation? Should I send that to the
> list, to you or submit it by svn???



no that will not work, since I call it from document-to-fo.xsl:
(StylesheetHandler) file:///home/emmel/...../xslt/fo/document-to-fo.xsl is directly or indirectly including itself!

I need to go the 'globalpdf'-way.