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From Mathieu Champlon <>
Subject Re: Embedding existing HTML pages from a location outside src/documentation/content/xdocs
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2009 18:16:11 GMT
Hello Gavin and thanks for your help,

Gavin wrote:
>> I thought adding something like this to locationmap.xml would be enough :
>>     <match pattern="embedded/**">
>>       <location src="{properties:content}/{0}"/>
>>     </match>
> {properties:content}/{0} would resolve to
> /src/documentation/content/embedded_html.html as you've stripped out the
> embedded directory included in the match.
Doesn't {0} contain the whole match ?
What is the difference with {1} then ?

In the seeded sitemap.xmap there is :
      <map:match pattern="old_site/**.html">
        <map:select type="exists">
          <map:when test="{properties:content}{0}">
            <map:read src="{properties:content}{0}" mime-type="text/html"/>
Is the syntax slightly different between sitemap.xmap and locationmap.xml ?

> Try <location src="{properties:content}/embedded/{0}"/>
Just to be sure I tried each of the following :

<location src="{properties:content}{0}"/>
<location src="{properties:content}/{0}"/>
<location src="{properties:content}{1}"/>
<location src="{properties:content}/{1}"/>
<location src="{properties:content}/embedded/{0}"/>
<location src="{properties:content}embedded/{0}"/>
<location src="{properties:content}/embedded/{1}"/>
<location src="{properties:content}embedded/{1}"/>

All of them yield :
X [0]                                     embedded/embedded_html.html   

(The system cannot find the path specified)


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