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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: PDF not working correctly in deployed WAR file on Tomcat
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 00:54:58 GMT

On 3 Dec 2008, at 08:20, ARobert wrote:

> Why should I test 0.9-dev ... I'm talking about the official current  
> release
> !
> I don't want to test the 0.9-dev version, since it's a dev  
> version ....
> I need forrest in a company context, and I can't install a dev  
> version.
> IMYO forrest 0.8 should be fully fonctional with current products  
> releases
> (Tomcat, etc.), and this issue should be in JIRA

0.8 was tested against tomcat before it was released. It worked at  
that time.

It might be that recent changes in components used in the plugin  
pipeline have since broken the release. Whilst it would be great if  
this never happened we cannot possibly track every single project and  
system configuration. Demanding that "0.8 should be fully functional  
with current product releases" helps nobody..

Helping us solve the problem will result an increased attention from  
the developers. We are not here to provide free support for your  
company we are here because we have specific needs and since none of  
us are hitting the problem you describe you can be pretty sure our  
needs are not aligned with your own (although some people here will  
happily focus solely on your problem if you want to pay them).

If you would be so kind as to raise the JIRA issue as you suggest, add  
as much detail as you can from your own experiences and the  
discussions earlier in this thread, and also attach to it information  
about whether you see the same behaviour in 0.9-dev it would be very  

We are not saying that you should run 0.9-dev (although many people  
do), we are asking you to help narrow down whether this is an issue  
that affects 0.8 on your system configuration alone, or whether it  
still remains in 0.9. The more you help us the more we can help you,  
but please don't expect us to fix your problems for you, this is open  
source not free labour.


> I will add it, as soon as possible
> Thanks
> David Crossley wrote:
>> ARobert wrote:
>>> Hi thanks for your answer !
>>> Yes I tried verything !
>> So you are saying that you have tried 0.9-dev
>> and it is broken too.
>> I will not be commenting anymore on the user list
>> about this issue.
>> -David
>>> What's more I think every one can see this error quite easily,  
>>> since you
>>> only need to do that
>>> On any OS, on any browser
>>> 1/ Download apache-forrest-0.8 (Actual release)
>>> 2/ Downlaod apache-tomcat-6-0.18 (Actual release)
>>> 3/ Use java 1.6 (Actual release)
>>> 4/ forrest seed (To create sample forrest site)
>>> 5/ forrest war (to create WAR sample forrest site)
>>> 6/ put the .war in the tomcat webapps folder
>>> 7/ Launch sample forrest application from tomcat
>>> 8/ Go to any page with any image of this war sample forrest site
>>> 9/ Try to see it in PDF version
>>> 10/ See that you don't have image displayed
>>> That take about 10 minutes (After having download Tomcat, apache  
>>> and java
>>> 1.6)
>>> David Crossley wrote:
>>>> ARobert wrote:
>>>>> Hi guys !
>>>>> Did someone take a look on this issue ? Are you reproducing ?
>>>> There has been work done on the PDF plugin. However, i think
>>>> that you would need to be using the 0.9-dev trunk to take
>>>> advantage.
>>>> Have you done all the things suggested earlier in this thread?
>>>> Do you see the same problems with the "forrest seed" sample site?
>>>> Anyway, if it still persists after trying the 0.9-dev
>>>> then i suggest raising the issue on the "dev" mail list.
>>>> -David
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