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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Forrest news
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 17:11:36 GMT

[Please don't top post - it loses context and makes the archives  
difficult to read]

On 28 Nov 2008, at 16:05, ARobert wrote:

> First of all, thanks for your answer.
> I will try to get involved in this project ... If I find time to ...
> I would like to tell (with my poor english speaking) that Forrest is  
> a very
> good project. But as a good forrest user I would like to add this
> In my opinion :
> - Forrest web site is bad structured, it's hard to find information in
> documention

I agree 100% I know roughly what content we have yet I can't find it!

> - Forrest web site is not really "beautiful", it would be fine to  
> find a
> Forrest icone (Hope I'm not offending someone) and to work on  
> Forrest CSS
> (Since it's quite easy with the generated Forrest HTML code)

Forrest is still using the same skin it was using when started in 2002  
- it's certainly time for an update.

> - The news page seems died.

No news is sometimes good news. Forrest 0.8 is stable and extremely  
useful. 0.9 is ticking along.

However, I agree that it can give the impression of no activity and  
should be rectified in some way.

> - It's hard to find the Jira or Nabble page on Google.

Well I would argue that we don't want nabble and jira appearing as the  
number one searches. Nabble is nothing to do with us, Jira is only of  
interest to developers who should know where to go.

Having said that, Tim Williams recently posted on the dev list about  
having created a custom Google search for Forrest. We should make that  
the default search engine from the Forrest home page. This can include  
mail archives and Jira

> - It's hard to find support on google.

Google searches the internet. The best place to find support for any  
project is via the search facilities provided by that project which  
will usually be more narrowly focussed.

(although see above about custom search engine)

> - I always find information about forrest 0.7 whereas i'm looking  
> for 0.8 :(

0.7 has been around longer than 0.8 and therefore is linked to more.

Perhaps we should put a header on the 0.7 pages saying that these are  
not the docs for the latest version and providing a link to the latest  
(this can be done automatically).

> And I would really love this project when forrest has its own Forrest
> eclipse editor... Is that a current project ?

Do you mean the Eclipse plugin in whiteboard? That has not been active  
for a very long time (2005 I think)

Nothing to stop you starting it up again - it was reasonably  
functional when last worked on.

> I hope i didn't offend something, it seems to me that this  
> modification
> aren't so much difficul (except for eclipse editor) and it would be  
> good for
> Forrest Project public image :)

I agree. So why don't you join the dev list and act on some of your  

Don't worry about hurting feelings. There are no ownership issues  
around here. If you improve Forrest it is good for us all.


> Waiting for your answers ...
> David Crossley wrote:
>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Tibetoine wrote:
>>>> I have been watching the Apache Forrest web site for a couple of  
>>>> days,
>>> and
>>>> I was wandering if this project was still in dev ?
>>> It is still in development, however development is slow. All  
>>> development
>>> activity happens on the developer list. you can see recent  
>>> activity at
>>> [1]
>> And [1.5] an overall summary which shows the svn list too.
>> Tibetoine was probably referring to such web pages
>> as and the linked
>> "events" page. We really should keep those things
>> more up-to-date. Perhaps we could automatically
>> generate a summary of the important changes since
>> the last release.
>> Other ways to keep abreast:
>> - Changes [4]
>> - Quarterly reports to ASF Board [5]
>> -David
>>>> What's more I would like to know if it was possible to help for  
>>>> this
>>>> project?
>>> We are always as welcoming as possible to new blood. If you care  
>>> to join
>>> us on the developer list [2] we'll be happy to help you get  
>>> settled in.
>>> you might want to start by looking at our introductory developer  
>>> docs,
>>> e.g. [3] - however, don't be afraid to ask for more guidance on  
>>> the dev
>>> list - we're a friendly bunch ;-)
>>> Ross
>>> [1]
>>> %20type%3Adevelopment+page:1+state:facets
>> [1.5]
>>> [2]
>>> [3]
>> [4]
>> [5]
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