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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Cannot get variable 'plugin.xmap.output' in expression '{lm:plugin.xmap.output}'
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 01:09:42 GMT
paul.t.oconnell wrote:
> thanks for tht guys, i raised issue :  

Thanks. I reckon that i can see the problem.

When Forrest runs for the first time after installation,
it needs network access to get the up-to-date lists
of available plugins. See your FOR-1129-site.txt
around line 16, etc.

Subsequently, if you declare other plugins to be used
then Forrest will need network access to retrieve them.
Also from time-to-time use forrest while connected, so
that it can update its list of available plugins.

The error message is because it was looking for the
file called "output.xmap" which is automatically
generated. Probably missing due to the initial errors.
Forrest should be more graceful.

While searching the issue tracker, i found that there
is a Note about this on our home page.
We should add that to Forrest "getting started" instructions.


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