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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: IDs in How-to FAQ - no anchors in HTML documents?
Date Sun, 12 Oct 2008 23:43:19 GMT
david wrote:
> I experienced another problem in my forrest project.
> I wrote a short how to using the How-To DTD. Like in the sample page I
> used a faqs item for the FAQ.
> I created the following sample document to show the problem:
> <!DOCTYPE howto PUBLIC "-//APACHE//DTD How-to V2.0//EN"
> "">
> <howto>
>   <header>
>     <title>Sample</title>
>     <last-modified-content-date date="2008-10-12" />
>   </header>
>   <steps title="The Steps">
> 	  	<p>See <a href="#entry">sdaf</a></p>
>   </steps>
> 	<faqs>
> 		<faq id="entry">
> 			<question>The question</question>
> 			<answer>And the answer</answer>
> 		</faq>
>   </faqs>
> </howto>
> My problem is that no HTML-anchor is created for the FAQ entry. I mean
> normally when I write a FAQ page without the surrounding how to such an
> anchor will be created, it looks something like:
> <a name="entry"></a>
> Well, when using the FAQ in a how to document no anchor with my defined ID seems
> to be created. Instead I find the following:
> <a name="1+The+question"></a>
> Did I do something wrong? And if not, is there possibly a reason why the behavior
> of forrest seems to change when using faqs in a howto?
> Thanks a lot,

Not much time to look, but i can give you some
quick pointers.

It seems that you might have found a bug.
Or maybe the automated id-generation is a feature
(i don't know).

I looked at the example document:
Its first FAQ should be "#faq-difference".

If you are seriously considering using Forrest then
it would be good to understand its internal processing.

Following this bug might be a good exercise.

The sitemaps involved in "howto" and "faq" processing are
$FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/sitemap.xmap which passes to
$FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/forrest.xmap and faq.xmap
which refer to the stylesheets
and faq-to-document.xsl and faqv20-to-faqv13.xsl
(the latter is because document-v13 is the internal
format, not document-v20).


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