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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Can I place the project logo left?
Date Sun, 12 Oct 2008 08:19:51 GMT
david wrote:
> I'm intending to use forrest to create a website for the program I
> designed.
> It all works, but I've a question concerning the placement of the
> project logo.
> In your default skin (I think pelt was its name) the project logo is
> placed on the top right of the page.
> Well, I'd like it better if it were left above the menu (the place where
> the group logo is placed by default, but I turned this one off).
> Is there a way the place the project logo left?

As far as i remember, not with "skins".

That is the type of issue that led to the ongoing
development of a new facility that we call "Dispatcher".

However that is not a released feature. Hence we don't
discuss that on this "user" mailing list. We invite
people to the "dev" mailing list to discuss its

I can tell you that a number of us use the current
Subversion trunk in production for our sites.
e.g. see some public examples listed at the bottom of


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