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From Pablo Barrera <>
Subject Re: Using plugins in local dir
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 08:02:56 GMT

On 19/09/2008, at 21:24:11, Ross Gardler wrote:

> Pablo Barrera wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have modified a plugin and I want to install it in my site project.
> Do you really want to fork this code? That gives you the maintenance  
> headache of managing it in the future. Much better would be to  
> propose your modification as a contribution to the Forrest project  
> where any future changes to the plugin will be done in a way that  
> will not break your own modifications.

I am totally agree. But right now the plugin is not finished and in  
it's current state breaks the tei plugin for everybody else. When it  
is ready I will be glad to send it to the list but right now I need to  
have it working with a dirty hack (for example, no configuration  

> Of course, if these changes are highly local to your site and not of  
> interest to the wider community then  you may need to maintain your  
> own version.

Right now, they are. But my plan is to work a little bit more on then  
to make it more general.

>> If I have understand it correctly, according to this [1] I should  
>> copy the whole directory to MYSITE/plugins and modify my  
>> file as
>> project.required.plugins.src=${forrest.home}/plugins,$ 
>> {forrest.home}/whiteboard/plugins,/export/forrest_plugins
> That is just an example, the full text of the paragraph says:
> "If you have a collection of local plugins you would like Forrest to  
> use then you need to add the directory to this property. For  
> example: project.required.plugins.src=${forrest.home}/plugins,$ 
> {forrest.home}/whiteboard/plugins,/export/forrest_plugins"
> The important part being. This is not as clear as it could be, a  
> better phrasing is:
> "If you have a collection of plugins in a local directory, such as  
> 'export/forrest_plugins' then you need to add that directory to this  
> property. For example: project.required.plugins.src=${forrest.home}/ 
> plugins,${forrest.home}/whiteboard/plugins,/export/forrest_plugins"
>> Forrest uses the old version of the plugin instead of the new one,  
>> located on MYSITE/plugins. I know this plugin should work, because  
>> when I move the folder into the forrest code (the default location  
>> for the plugins) I obtain the desired output. Am I missing  
>> something here?
> Are your plugins in /export/forrest_plugins, that is where you have  
> told Forrest to look for them.

Is /export/ a global path or a relative path? I guess it's global.

The line I was using was:

If I have understand it correctly, I should change it to:

and forrest will look first to my directory, so I don't need to change  
the name to the plugin.

> If yes...
> This is now a different plugin, have you changed the name of the  
> plugin? If not then Forrest will stop looking for it once it finds a  
> copy, with the property setting you have aboe this means it will  
> find the one in Forrest first.
> I ask again though, are you sure you want to fork this plugin?

Right now, I am pretty sure. Next week will be a different thing.

Pablo Barrera

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