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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject Re: how to use photogallery plugin?
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:50:38 GMT
On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 5:42 AM, gulfiz ergin <> wrote:
>>Are you using *nix platform?  If so, you might have to open up write
>>permissions on those directories.  Can you look into your logs and see
>>if there's any useful information?
> I am using windows xp. I checked error.log and I have "Internal Cocoon
> Problem"
> I pasted whole error here:
> "ERROR   (2008-07-14) 23:29.36:593   [access] (/gallery/ge/b.thumb.jpg)
> PoolThread-3/CocoonServlet: Internal Cocoon Problem
> org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Error creating persistent file for
> transformed version of file:/C:/Documents and
> Settings/gulfizer/Desktop/son/src/documentation/content/xdocs/images/gallery/ge/b.thumb.jpg
>     at <map:read type="image"> -

... snipped stack trace...

> Well, I confused more than ever...:S

Can you copy your site to a simple path (e.g. C:\temp) and try to
build from there?  I'm wondering if the spaces in the directory path
aren't the issue.

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