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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: please help me with Chinese content problem
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2008 03:56:49 GMT
fanieste wrote:
> I'm using forrest to generate a site where most content is in Chinese.
> I started at invoking "forrest seed-sample" to generate a template
> project, then I edited index.xml in the xdocs directory to made some
> Chinese content added, and ran "forrest site".
> when I browsed the index.html within my browser, it showed me "????"
> instead of the Chinese characters. I checked the index.html generated,
> the Chinese Content was turned to "????", I mean It's not because of a
> wrong http metadata setting. I also checked the index.pdf, there are
> "#####"   at the corresponding positions.
> I tried to run "forrest run". the http content provided by jetty is
> right, but also problems in index.pdf still existed.
> I'm so confused, could any body tell me how can I work it out. thanks
> in advance.

Would you please open a new issue [1] and attach your example
index.xml file. I am not into foreign languages, so probably
cannot help, but perhaps someone else can.



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