I have no control over what my company does with their e-mail after I hit the submit button, but to make you happy I created this account :-)
I have been successful at following the directions and starting a new project including the Daisy plugin. It appears to be working, but not displaying any documents in the process. I have identified the following issues:
1. What I have observed is that the http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/cocoon/whiteboard/daisy-to-docs does not return any documents either, or I just can't figure out what URL to hit.
2. Hitting http://localhost (I set jetty port to 80, thank you for that) gets me http://localhost/index.html which then fails because the project HAS no index.xml or html
3. This same project references a variable called daisy.index.docID. My Daisy expert knows what a navigation page is, but has no clue what an index page is.