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From "Dr. Bhatia Praveen" <>
Subject Japanese characters transform from doc to html
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 15:32:35 GMT
  I use an [1] xml file -> [2] transformed to doc by xslt -> [3]transformed
to xml by my sitemap pipeline -> [4] transformed to html by forrest.
 The relevant string that gets transformed in this process is as follows
(Please note these are Japanese character strings):
      <set lang="japanese">
       <ques> Japanese string1 <ques>
        <ans> Japanese string2 </ans>
At [3} these strings after transformation looks correctly like:
 <http://localhost:8888/ask-grade4-science-lesson4.xml#> - <li>
  <a href="javascript:sayText(" Japanese string1",1,12,3)"> Japanese
At [4] in html source it looks like:
<a class="external" href="javascript:sayText(%22%E6%97%A5%  ..... ETC,
,1,12,3)"> Japanese string2 </a> 
Hence Japanese string1 at the href location got converted to strange
Problem: Till step [3] the transformation is correct in Japanese. At step
[4] the the href= portion's Japanese has become special characters while the
value place japanese is in normal Japanese. My sayText() library function
can't interpret these characters and requires normal Japanese there.
What can I do to get the normal Japanese at the href= location after the
transformation to html from forrest site?

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