When you do 'forrest run' and have your site served by jetty - do you see images in your PDFs then?
Where are you placing your images in the src file structure? What type of file image are you trying to include? Just wondering if you have a more general issue than what you describe.

On 2/5/08, Steve Odlind <> wrote:
Hello all,

I am hoping you can help me with a Forrest/Tomcat problem.

I am running Forrest 0.8, and am trying to deploy a WAR file on Tomcat. The problem is that PDFs get stripped of their images, and only text is displayed.

I can't get PDFs to display at all by deploying the Webapp on Tomcat. I have read, and followed the advice, but cannot get PDFs to be displayed at all.

So, is there an update to this already-known-problem? I am half of the way there with WAR files, I just need to get the images displayed as well.

Many thanks,

Steve Odlind