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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: How-to use a local html-to-document.xsl?
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 12:53:25 GMT
EMMEL Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> since forrest uses the html-to-document.xsl file to filter native html 
> and I like to test several changes in this document it would be nice
> to use a local copy of this file.
> However, forrest takes allways the file from the installation not
> from my project. I put it to resources/stylesheets as there is the 
> hello2document.xsl-file.
> Maybe this is the worng place or I need to configure something I haven't 
> found yet.
> Any help appriciated

You don't say what version of Forrest you are using. I am going to 
assume 0.8 or 0.9-dev (i.e. this will not work in 0.7)

All resources are resolved via a file called the locationmap. This is 
documented at [1]

Scanning this document I don't see an example of how to override values 
in the way you require, so here is an overview. It would be highly 
beneficial to the project if you could add this documentation to [1] and 
submit a patch to our issue tracker [2]

A default locationmap is provided by Forrest core and by each plugin but 
there is also a project specific locationmap at 

You can override any value in the the core or plugin locationmaps simply 
by adding a match to your project locationmap. For example:

<match pattern="transform.html.document">
   <location src="{properties:resources.stylesheets}/html-to-document.xsl"/>

And put your custom stylesheet in PROJECT_HOME/src/resources/stylesheets



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