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From EMMEL Thomas <>
Subject html to xml to html-pipeline
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 09:06:51 GMT

Lately I read in a document from the forrest site (a pdf I do not find 
yer again...) that the pipeline for native html input is
something like:
HTML -> JTity and Cocoon -> html-to-document.xsl -> ...?? ...-> 
HTML-output or PDF or ...

Is this right so far? Mainly the JTity and Cocoon pipe: Is that 
configurable for example to avoid JTidy to clean several topics from my 
Can I catch the output just before it goes to html-to-document.xsl for 
My target is some extra pipeline I add in front for example to add an 
xinclude to the HTML which possibly can be used later in the process...
I am looking for ways to automatically create a section numbering in my 
documents and other useful stuff like indexing and maybe a bibliography 

Kind regards


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