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From Thomas Witteriede <>
Subject Re: Need help with I18N
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 17:50:05 GMT
Thomas Witteriede schrieb:
> Thomas Witteriede schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to create a dual-language project. Although the test project
>> shows that I18N works in my environment (WinXP, Java 1.5, language "de")
>> I cannot make it work in my own project. I matched a tab entry in the
>> translations/tabs.xml , translations/tabs_de.xml , and xdocs/tabs.xml
>> but a "forrest run" still displays the English text of the
>> xdocs/tabs.xml instead of the expected entry of 
>> translations/tabs_de.xml .
>> One other thing: How do I provide translations for the main content
>> itself? The documentation vaguely points to the cocoon transformer but
>> the i18n tags used there are not declared in the xdocs dtd.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Thomas
> Somehow I must have missed it in the documentation: Providing a 
> *.??.xml in the xdocs directory tree where ?? is replaced by the 
> appropriate language marker (e.g. "en" or "de") does the trick for 
> regular content.
> Still, the tabs translation via i18n does not work as it should. Any 
> ideas?
> Thomas
I was too dumb! The path to the translations directory in the of my project was active instead of a comment. When 
reverted to a comment all is fine. Remaining question: Why is the line
wrong/incompatible to the structure generated by seed ?


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