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From EMMEL Thomas <>
Subject Re: Howto use <div> or <span> within the document-dtd?
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:18:22 GMT
Ross Gardler schrieb:
> EMMEL Thomas wrote:
>> Ok, I solved it by adding an own DTD for my project, which was a bit 
>> hard since there are several informations in the forrest docs which 
>> are hard to follow if you dont decide to read the whole docs.
> Patches welcome and appreciated.
>> I took several informations from the location you gave and the 
>> mailing-list where I wonder in the end how this ever could have worked 
>> for anyone else (see 
>> since I had to change some small issues...
> Don't keep it to yourself, share the info. Patches welcome - this is a 
> community project.

Never thought such small changes would help... :-), specially when
they come from one like me not intended to be a XML expert at all.

But of course I will attach my DTD to help others.
Should I add something to the documentation here as well?
The catalog.xcat-entry is here
<!-- my own dtd -->
<public publicId="-//Your Company Name//Document w XInclude DTD 2.1//EN"

In addition if anyone have problems getting the <span> element working I 
may help, cause I think there are some other changes I made last year to 
the xsl that creates xml from html where I need to do a diff to find it...
I hope next week there is some time to look for that.

For me it is always hard to follow the documentation of forrest since
there is some flow-chart or something like this missing. In other points
I always have to play with and test things to find the point where I 
need to do changes for my purpose.
>> To the other point:
>> Why should Forrest not intended to be a web publishing framework???
> The first line of our home page says "Apache Forrest is a publishing 
> framework that transforms input from various sources into a unified 
> presentation in one or more output formats."
> Web is only one output format. It *can* be used as a web publishing 
> framework, and many people do use it as such. However, that was not why 
> it was created. If someone wants a web publication framework and does 
> not intend to publish in any format there are other, arguably better, 
> tools.

Yes, but getting PDF as well is one of the big points where I dont like
to start with a huge programming package just to manage one time in ten 
years a documentation of 100 pages.
And thus I found forrest one of the best tools around.

BTW, is there any progress in the last time to bring more features and 
fixes to the PDF-output? Like table-sizes, the problem with the pictures 
that are too high in aspect-ratio and so on...
> Your fist engagement with this project was to ask how to do something 
> that only makes sense on the web and as a result you have already had to 
> define a new DTD and XSL stylesheet. Why? Because Forrest is not a web 
> publication framework, but a general purpose publication framework.

Accepted and dont be so 'hard' (:-)) with those who just try to use it...

> Ross

Thanks and kind regards


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