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From Thomas Witteriede <>
Subject Re: Need help with I18N
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 23:36:55 GMT
Thomas Witteriede schrieb:
> Hi,
> I am trying to create a dual-language project. Although the test project
> shows that I18N works in my environment (WinXP, Java 1.5, language "de")
> I cannot make it work in my own project. I matched a tab entry in the
> translations/tabs.xml , translations/tabs_de.xml , and xdocs/tabs.xml
> but a "forrest run" still displays the English text of the
> xdocs/tabs.xml instead of the expected entry of translations/tabs_de.xml .
> One other thing: How do I provide translations for the main content
> itself? The documentation vaguely points to the cocoon transformer but
> the i18n tags used there are not declared in the xdocs dtd.
> Thanks in advance
> Thomas
Somehow I must have missed it in the documentation: Providing a *.??.xml 
in the xdocs directory tree where ?? is replaced by the appropriate 
language marker (e.g. "en" or "de") does the trick for regular content.
Still, the tabs translation via i18n does not work as it should. Any ideas?


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