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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: How-to use a local html-to-document.xsl?
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 00:05:05 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> EMMEL Thomas wrote:
> > 
> > since forrest uses the html-to-document.xsl file to filter native html 
> > and I like to test several changes in this document it would be nice
> > to use a local copy of this file.

If your changes are of general use, then please consider
providing a patch.

> > However, forrest takes allways the file from the installation not
> > from my project. I put it to resources/stylesheets as there is the 
> > hello2document.xsl-file.
> That is not the correct place. I assume you are using 0.8:

Both Thorsten's and Ross's answers are fantastic and should be documented.

I will attempt to explain it in words ...

> !-- All core other transforms -->
>     <match pattern="transform.*.*">

In this case the internal Cocoon engine is looking for html-to-document.xsl
so that match splits it into parameters 1=html and 2=document
i.e. transform input html into the internal xml document format.

The locationmap tries various locations until it finds it.

>       <select>
>         <location
> src="{properties:skins-dir}{}/xslt/html/{1}-to-{2}.xsl" />

It will first look in your project directory. The "skins-dir" location is
pre-defined in your file. The next is the skin
name that you have configured in, e.g. "pelt".
So in the default setup, Cocoon will look for 

You need to create that directory and place your xsl file there.
It will be automatically found here rather than forrest core.

>         <location
> src="{forrest:forrest.context}/skins/{}/xslt/html/{1}-to-{2}.xsl"/>

If not found it will look in the forrest core
at a skin-specific location.

>         <location
> src="{forrest:forrest.context}/skins/common/xslt/html/{1}-to-{2}.xsl"/>

Then in the forrest core at a location common to all skins.

>         <location src="{forrest:forrest.stylesheets}/{1}-to-{2}.xsl"/>

Then in the forrest core where general stylesheets are kept.

>       </select>
>     </match>
> So you place html-to-document.xsl in
> {properties:skins-dir}{}/xslt/html/ and it will
> automatically picked up.

As described above.

> ...or you implement 
> <match pattern="transform.html.document">
>   <location src="YourPath/html-to-document.xsl"/>
> </match>
> in your locationmap.

i.e. you could over-ride everything by placing that match
in your project locationmap as described at


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