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From manojm_singh <>
Subject Re: Need help regarding RSS feed in forrest
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 09:26:09 GMT

Hi rgardler  thanks for the reply. I followed the link provided by u and did
the same but not able to render the RSS feeds. I did like this
My feedDescriptor is like this and i put it in a folder like ->

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <feed id="BBCSport_UK">

and i have made an entry in site.xml  like this

<technology label="Technology" href="ConnectM/Technology/" tab="Technology">
  	<overview label="Overview" href="technology.html" /> 
  	<m2m label="M2M" href="m2m.html" />
  	<java label="Java" href="java.html" />
	<java label="RSS Link" href="Rss.html" />  

where Rss.xml is the feed xml file. Whenever i click on "RSS Link" nothing
is getting displayed.

Please help......

rgardler wrote:
> manojm_singh wrote:
>> Hi i am trying to include RSS feed in my website. But the explanation
>> given
>> in the apache forrest site is not clear. I am follwoing this..
> This is a simple example. you may prefer to use the feeder plugin which 
> provides more flexible facilities for embedding RSS. See 
>> Example: integrating external RSS content
>> Similar to the previous example, we can integrate RSS into our site
>> simply
>> by providing a match in our project sitemap.xmap ... 
>> <?xml version="1.0"?>
>> <map:sitemap xmlns:map="">
>>  <map:pipelines>
>>   <map:pipeline>
>>    <map:match pattern="**weblog.xml">
>>     <map:generate src=""/>
>>     <map:transform src="{forrest:stylesheets}/rss2document.xsl"/>
>>     <map:serialize type="xml"/>
>>    </map:match>
>>    <map:match pattern=".......">
>>     <!-- handle other project-specific matches -->
>>    </map:match>
>>   </map:pipeline>
>>  </map:pipelines>
>> </map:sitemap>
>> You will probably want to copy the core Forrest rss2document.xsl to your
>> project, customise it to your needs, and refer to it with
>> src="{project:resources.stylesheets}/rss2document.xsl". Then of course
>> you
>> would add an entry to site.xml to link to weblog.html 
>> Here i not able to understand 2 things one is "<map:match
>> pattern="**weblog.xml">" where will i keep this weblog.xml" file and how
>> will i map this to "site.xml" as explained above(Then of course you would
>> add an entry to site.xml to link to weblog.html ) .
> It sounds like you need to start at the basics. In order to work with 
> sitemaps you need to understand the sitemap language. Start here 
> If you are still having problems after reading that then ask again.
> However, it is worth noting that if you use the feeder plugin (see 
> above) then you don't need to touch the sitemap.
> Ross

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