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From Stuart Yeates <>
Subject Re: forreestbot mail not being sent
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 11:05:52 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Stuart Yeates wrote:
>> We've got a problem in which mail is not sent from forrestbot when a
>> run in completed. The build and upload work fine. The build file has
>> the following properties:
>>  <property name="" value=""/>
>>  <property name="" value=""/>
>>  <property name="notify.administrator" value="Stuart Yeates"/>
>> The machine can connect to on port 25 via telnet, so
>> that's not the issue.
>> The output (stdout) is:
>> Override ignored for property NOW
>> Override ignored for property DSTAMP
>> Override ignored for property TSTAMP
>> Override ignored for property TODAY
>> Using plain mail
>> Sending email: ForrestBot build for simalbot succeeded
>> From Forrestbot
>> ReplyTo []
>> To []
>> Cc []
>> Bcc []
>> Failed to send email
>> Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Does anyone know how to turn
>> debugging on in (which appears to be where
>> things are going wrong)?
> Do you have the "notify.on.failure" etc. set in your forrestbot
> descriptor? I suppose yes, or it wouldn't be trying to send the mail.
> Our docs say that some mailers need "".
> The forrestbot on our zone has "" as "localhost".
> Our descriptors are in our SVN if that helps for examples:
> Try a test to ensure that you can send mail direct from the
> command-line on your server, as the user which runs forrestbot.
> That is all that i can think of for now.

I tried adding these properties, to no avail.

I eventually bit the bullet and installed an MTA (postfix) on the
machine and changed the to localhost. Everything
worked instantly.

The two smtp hosts I tried to connect to are both quite aggressive
in anti-spam measures, so maybe the roots lie there.

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