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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: forreestbot mail not being sent
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 22:14:53 GMT
Stuart Yeates wrote:
> We've got a problem in which mail is not sent from forrestbot when a
> run in completed. The build and upload work fine. The build file has
> the following properties:
>  <property name="" value=""/>
>  <property name="" value=""/>
>  <property name="notify.administrator" value="Stuart Yeates"/>
> The machine can connect to on port 25 via telnet, so
> that's not the issue.
> The output (stdout) is:
> Override ignored for property NOW
> Override ignored for property DSTAMP
> Override ignored for property TSTAMP
> Override ignored for property TODAY
> Using plain mail
> Sending email: ForrestBot build for simalbot succeeded
> From Forrestbot
> ReplyTo []
> To []
> Cc []
> Bcc []
> Failed to send email
> Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Does anyone know how to turn
> debugging on in (which appears to be where
> things are going wrong)?

Do you have the "notify.on.failure" etc. set in your forrestbot
descriptor? I suppose yes, or it wouldn't be trying to send the mail.

Our docs say that some mailers need "".

The forrestbot on our zone has "" as "localhost".

Our descriptors are in our SVN if that helps for examples:

Try a test to ensure that you can send mail direct from the
command-line on your server, as the user which runs forrestbot.

That is all that i can think of for now.


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