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From "Brolin Empey" <>
Subject XInclude: include file in same directory?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 21:47:38 GMT

How can I use XInclude to include a file in the same directory as the
file containing the XInclude element, without having to specify a path
to the include file?

For example, I have TechsolProductNews_TPC35.xml and in the same products/News/

This works fine:

<xi:include href="cocoon://products/News/*)"/>

These both do not work:

<xi:include href="cocoon://*)"/>

<xi:include href="cocoon://./*)"/>

When I rebuild the static site with either of these non-working
include URIs, I get this error message (the URI in the error message
reflects the URI in the source file):

"X [0]
products/News/TechsolProductNews_TPC35.html   BROKEN: Resource not
found: cocoon://"

I am guessing I could put in
src/documentation/resources/, but what if I want to keep in the same directory as


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