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From EMMEL Thomas <>
Subject Re: howto exclude a subtree in pdf generation?
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2007 08:20:24 GMT
Just one additional note:
I tracked that down to a lot of
<a name="123456"></a> lines in my output of doxygen.
This will end in cocoon-errors like

internal-destination or external-destination must be specified in basic-link

from fo:

<fo:basic-link external-destination="" text-decoration="underline" 

Although I cannot prevent as far as I see to let doxygen create this
it is still an option for me to exculde the whole tree from wholesite.pdf.

Kind regards


EMMEL Thomas schrieb:
> Hi,
> I wonder whether there is an easy way to exclude a part of the 
> documentation that is still generated for html-output for the 
> wholesite.pdf?
> In my particular case I put a doxygen-generated html-tree to forrest
> which itself generates a lot of output and it is much easier to take the
> latex-output from doxygen to generate a pdf than using the wholesite.pdf
> in this case.
> And in this case as I generate a lot of dependency graph forrest will 
> just fail to create the wholesite.pdf file since it encouters the bug in 
> fo(?) that prevents to add pictures to tall to pdf.
> (No flow in page-sequence)
> Kind regards
> Thomas

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