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From Stuart Yeates <>
Subject buildling links between docs
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 07:21:33 GMT

I'm looking for an explanation of how to compose links between

Specifically, in the DOAP plugin, I want to add links back to the
index by category, pointing at the anchor for a specific category.

Problems I'm having are:
*) Getting the root of the forrest build rather than the root of the
website (i.e. knowing where .../build/site maps to on the web)
*) Escaping the items being indexed ("Category Name" vs "Category+Name")
*) Knowing what indexes are created and how to address them

I've looked at a number of places in the code where this is done,
but so much seems to be implicit that I'm having difficulty adapting
it. I've googled and browsed the forrest docs without success.

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