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From "Paterline, David L." <>
Subject Questions about simple formatting changes
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 19:16:34 GMT
Hello -

I have some questions about making relatively minor (I think) changes in the
appearance of pages produced by Forrest, and have tried to find tips for
doing so on the Forrest home pages and in previous user list postings. So,
please excuse me if these have been discussed before and I was unable to
find references.

I'd like to "tweak" the appearance of some text in small ways, such as:

- indenting text so that, for example, the text within a section is indented
slightly relative to the position of the section title. Basically, something

 section title
     section text

- creating nested, indented "lists" without the appearance of numbers
(ordered list) or bullets or other markers (unordered list) on each list
item; something like:

 list one, item 1
    list one-a, item 1    
    list one-a, item 2
        list one-b, item 1
        list one-b, item 2
    list one-a, item 3
 list one, item 2
    list two-a item 1    
    list two-a, item 2

In some cases, I may want to make these appearance changes site-wide, and in
other cases, I may want to make the changes apply only to certain pages.

Can anyone point me to information which would help me to make minor changes
in appearance such as these?

Thank you.

David L. Paterline
Principal Engineer       
Westinghouse Electric Company
Nuclear Fuel Engineering
Engineering Computing   
PH: 412-374-2286
FX: 412-374-2284

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