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From "Tim Williams" <>
Subject Re: generate only pages changed since last static site build?
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2007 12:17:28 GMT
On 8/11/07, Brolin Empey <> wrote:
> Forresters,
> Is it possible to generate only the pages in a Forrest site whose
> corresponding source files have been changed since the last static
> site build?  Or at least prevent updating the last modification time
> on generated, static pages that have not been changed since the last
> static site build?
> I suppose this might be more of a Cocoon question than Forrest.  In
> any case, the practice of generating every page, regardless of whether
> it has been changed, causes problems for publishing the static site
> build because all the local files have a newer modification time than
> the remote files on the Web host's FTP server.
> I am using lftp's reverse mirror function to synchronise the local
> site build with the public Web site.  I have to tell lftp to ignore
> file timestamps when determining which local files need to be
> uploaded.  If I do not, lftp will unnecessarily upload all local files
> because of the newer local timestamps.
> Having lftp ignore file timestamps works until a local file has been
> changed without changing the file size.  In this case, lftp does not
> check whether the local file has been changed.  Instead, lftp skips
> uploading this local file because it has the same size as the remote
> file.
> If the last modification time was changed only for pages that have
> been changed, this would permit lftp to use the local timestamps to
> determine which local files need to be uploaded.  This also means that
> the same file size problem is avoided.
> Thanks,
> Brolin

Hi Brolin,
This doesn't answer the question you've asked but it may help with
only uploading the changed stuff.  Unfortunately, we don't have a way
to only generate files that have changed right now.


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