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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Newbie Question: Messages translated in German
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 12:25:43 GMT
Esther Mietzsch wrote:
> Hi,
>> Internationalisation has been discussed many times on this list.
>> Please search the archives, your questions have been answered
>> already.
>> If you find any outstanding issues after reviewing the archives then
>> ask again.


> However, this is not what
> I need. I just want to have the labels on the site like "Last published"
> and "Search" to be translated. When I look at the "forrest-seed"-site in
> my browser, the tabs are nicely translated, e.g. "Examples" becomes
> "Beispiele", but "Last published" is still in English. However, the
> people at managed to change that, but I don't know how is
> the best way to do that.

When I grep for "last published" I find that it is in site-to-xhtml.xsl, 
so it is not i18n yet.

The site uses a custom skin so they probably hacked the 
solution in their skin. Obviously this is OK if you only want to serve a 
single language. However, if you want to serve multiple languages it 
will need to be i18n.

I'm not too familiar with how i18n works in Forrest so I can't be much 
more help than that. A good source of pointers is, in particular the link 
back to the mail threads in the last comment.

We'd welcome your thoughts on how to improve the i18n handling.

If you don't get any further pointers in this thread try posting again 
with any new information you might have it may trigger an idea or 
another dev.


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