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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: multiple projects in single forrest instance
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 07:45:15 GMT
llamar burgess wrote:
> Ok. For now i need a working solution rather quick, so it seems i have 
> to go for the 3 seperate cocoon instances.
> I have a feeling this might cause trouble, so maybe I will move this to 
> the dev-list later.
> I just hoped that this feature would have already been implemented when 
> i read this:

You have clearly done your "homework" - thanks for reviving that thread.

> And i still think it would be a valueable feature.

Well, as you see from the above thread, we also think it is a valuable 
feature. However, none of the existing devs have an urgent need for it. 
Those of us who run multiple Forrest sites on the same server tend to 
host them in static environments.

That being said, there has been work towards this goal. It's more of a 
side effect of other work (specifically the locationmap and the 
dispatcher). In theory this is all possible now, with minimal changes to 
core. In practice someone needs to actually try it out (and of course 
iron out any wrinkles that might remain).

When you have the time we'd welcome you on the dev list where we can 
guide you through the process. Having a test case like yours is the 
first step to building the final solution.


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