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From "Brolin Empey" <>
Subject generate only pages changed since last static site build?
Date Sat, 11 Aug 2007 21:50:02 GMT

Is it possible to generate only the pages in a Forrest site whose
corresponding source files have been changed since the last static
site build?  Or at least prevent updating the last modification time
on generated, static pages that have not been changed since the last
static site build?

I suppose this might be more of a Cocoon question than Forrest.  In
any case, the practice of generating every page, regardless of whether
it has been changed, causes problems for publishing the static site
build because all the local files have a newer modification time than
the remote files on the Web host's FTP server.

I am using lftp's reverse mirror function to synchronise the local
site build with the public Web site.  I have to tell lftp to ignore
file timestamps when determining which local files need to be
uploaded.  If I do not, lftp will unnecessarily upload all local files
because of the newer local timestamps.

Having lftp ignore file timestamps works until a local file has been
changed without changing the file size.  In this case, lftp does not
check whether the local file has been changed.  Instead, lftp skips
uploading this local file because it has the same size as the remote

If the last modification time was changed only for pages that have
been changed, this would permit lftp to use the local timestamps to
determine which local files need to be uploaded.  This also means that
the same file size problem is avoided.


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