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From dashmz <>
Subject Getting Daisy startet
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2007 08:36:17 GMT
while setting up Daisy as a CMS which I want to use with Apache Forrest, 
I got a tough error which I can't solve alone. I am using version 
0.90-dev on a Windows XP system.

This is the error message which I get while building:

X [0]                                     samples/ascii-art.html        
BROKEN: Could not find component for role: 
time: 0 minutes 45 seconds,  Site size: 244.410 Site pages: 8
Java Result: 1

Copying broken links file to site root.

Copying 1 file to D:\my-forrest\build\site\de

D:\forrest\main\targets\site.xml:180: Error building site.

There appears to be a problem with your site build.

Read the output above:
* Cocoon will report the status of each document:
    - in column 1: *=okay X=brokenLink ^=pageSkipped (see FAQ).
* Even if only one link is broken, you will still get "failed".
* Your site would still be generated, but some pages would be broken.
  - See D:\my-forrest\build\site\de/broken-links.xml

Total time: 59 seconds

These are the steps I performed:
- downloaded Daisy from the plugins-directory
- copied it into the {forrest:plugins} directory
- edited the file
- edited the sitemap.xmap file (I think this is the cause for the problem)
This is the part I edited for daisy:
<!-- daisy input plugin -->
      <map:match pattern="locationmap-project.xml">
            <map:parameter name="publisherURL" value="/"/>
        <map:parameter name="pathPrefix" value="/"/>
      <map:serialize type="xml"/>
    <!-- daisy input plugin ende -->

Unfortunately, I do not really know, what to fill in at "map:generate 
src=", the path on the tutorial-site even doen't help.
I searched the internet after solutions, but it seems only people who 
upgraded their Forrest get this error. But I didn't upgrade Forrest.

So, what should be done to solve this problem?
Thank you,
Rainer Hihn

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