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From "Brolin Empey" <>
Subject Re: Show text file with Forrest
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 19:31:04 GMT
Ross Gardler <> wrote:
> To make Jim's DTD work you need to make Forrest aware of it, this is
> documented at

I know this.  How do you think I got validation of document-v20-jd.dtd
to fail if Forrest is unaware of it? :P

Anyway, I did make some more progress after rereading the docs you linked to. :) says "This custom
DTD should be placed in your project resources directory at

However, my document-v20-jd.dtd was in schema/.  I did not have a schema/dtd/.

I created schema/dtd/ and moved document-v20-jd.dtd into it.  Now
validation succeeds, until I try using an <xi:include> element in my
XDocs source file.  This causes validation to fail again:

Element type "xi:include" must be declared.
The prefix "xi" for element "xi:include" is not bound.

I wonder if this is caused because I am using document-v20-jd.dtd in
my Forrest project instead of installing document-v20-jd.dtd in the
same place as document-v20.dtd in my Forrest installation.

Jim does not say how he installed his new DTD file in his post.

I would prefer to keep document-v20-jd.dtd in my Forrest project so
that it can be kept under version control.  Keeping it in my project
also makes it easier for someone else who checks out a working copy of
my Forrest site, since they get all the needed files in the checkout
and do not need to modify their local Forrest installation.

> A better solution would be to patch our DTD with Jims proposed changes.

I would like to get my method working before I try to patch the Forrest DTD.


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