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From "Brolin Empey" <>
Subject Re: using XInclude with Forrest 0.8 -- DTD validation problem
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 17:44:02 GMT
Thorsten Scherler <> wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-07-09 at 15:42 -0700, Brolin Empey wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I sent the message below to Jim Dixon on Friday, but have not yet
> > received a reply.  I am resending the message to this list in order to
> > reach a larger audience.
> Actually this header distracted my attention.
> Communication should go to the appropriate mailing list, like said we
> are all busy (normally not all at the same time), so always write to the
> mailing and even better answer the corresponding thread if possible.

Yes, I should have written to this list first, and possibly copied Jim Dixon.
Next time I have to resend a personal message to a list, I will edit
the message for sending to the list to avoid confusion.

> > I am trying to use your DTD file from this post, but Forrest fails to
> > validate your DTD file:
> >
> > validate-xdocs:
> > /home/brolin/WEB/
> > The attribute name must be specified in the attribute-list declaration
> > for element "document".
> >
> If you read Jims mail you find:
> <!ATTLIST xi:include
>   parse     (text|xml)  "xml"
>   href      CDATA       #REQUIRED
>   encoding  CDATA       #IMPLIED
> >
> Your error says:
> "...attribute name must be specified in
> the attribute-list declaration..."
> The above does not specify it.
> Try:
> <!ATTLIST xi:include
>   parse     (text|xml)  "xml"
>   href      CDATA       #REQUIRED
>   encoding  CDATA       #IMPLIED
>   name  CDATA       #IMPLIED
> >
> HTH, however a @name attribute is new for me for x:include.

I think you are confused.  "attribute name" in the error message
refers to an attribute name in general, not an attribute literally
named "name".

I tried adding your "name" attribute, but it had no effect.

However, I did find the part that causes validation to fail:

<!ATTLIST document
  xmlns:xi CDATA #FIXED "";

document-v20-jd.dtd successfully validates after commenting out the above block.
This leads me to believe that the declaration of the "document"
element is missing the "xmlns:xi" attribute.

Any ideas?

> > I do not know too much about SGML and XML, so I am hoping you can help me.
> What are you trying to include? SGML in a doc-20? That will never
> validate against doc-v20.

No, I just want to include some XDocs source in a document-v20.
Currently I have a paragraph that is duplicated on multiple pages in
my site.  I want to move this common paragraph into a single include

I mentioned SGML because XML is a subset of SGML and because I do not
know much about either.


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