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From "Lipsius, Eric M" <>
Subject Newbie with some javascript questions
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 14:10:10 GMT
I was looking at the FAQ on adding my own javascripts so I can use them
on my forrest page
I am new at using forrest mainly only have done simple pages in the past
using html and javascripts and some CSS.
but the FAQ lacks on a good description or example on what to edit and
where for adding my own js files for use.
I am writing a some javascripts to validate my a form prior to
submitting it to a php script.  I created a file called validations.js
and put it in
.../xdocs/resources/scripts and made sure in the file
that resources is mapped.  
in the page I have <script type="text/javascript"
src="/resources/scripts/valdiations.js" /> between the header tags.
My scripts work outside of forrest in standard html pages, but I can not
get them to work using forrest, what am I doing wrong, and I can't find
a document to help me with it.


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