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From "Steve Odlind" <>
Subject RE: Broken linkmap.pdf
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 10:43:28 GMT
On 01/06/07, Steve Odlind <> wrote:
>> The problem seems to be that I am using a custom DTD. If I change the
>> DOCTYPE in the source XML file to point to the Apache Forrest
>> document-v20.dtd (rather than my own custom DTD) and remove "a" from
>> "link" template, then the <a> elements are indeed converted to <link>
>> elements in the internal XML file.
>> When the DOCTYPE of the source XML file points to my own custom DTD,
>> I add "a" to the "link" template, the "basic-link" elements in the
>> file do contain the appropriate
>> "internal-destination"/"external-destination" attribute. So it seems
>> be a spurious error message.

>In my experience these errors are on spat out in the case of genuine
>errors. I suspect you missed something in your fo file that was empty.

>> Any ideas what to try next?

>You say you are using a custom DTD, so you should have a
>transformation converting your source format to XDoc. I'm guessing you
>don't have such a thing and this is why you see errors. If you do have
>such a transformation then it's output is not a valid XDoc - perhaps
>you are missing the doctype declaration?

I have added the relevant code to my sitemap.xmap, pointing to my custom
XSL (if that is what you suggested I do). I have followed the example
provided at, and
now get the error message:

"linkmap.html  BROKEN: C:\Forrest0_8\apache-forrest-0.8\main\webapp\.
(Access is denied)"

I have also checked every instance of the "basic-link" element in all
the .fo files in my site, and they all contain non-empty
"internal-destination" and "external-destination" attributes.

So is the problem with sitemap.xmap?

Thanks for any help.


> Thanks for your help,
> Steve
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> From: []
> On Behalf Of Ross Gardler
> Sent: 01 June 2007 09:12
> To:
> Subject: Re: Broken linkmap.pdf
> On 31/05/07, Steve Odlind <> wrote:
> >
> > My 0.7 docs contained numerous external <a href="http://www..."> and
> > internal <a href="#..."> references, which were not included in
> site.xml.
> >
> > When I upgraded to 0.8, I noticed that these links were ignored in
> PDFs.
> > Looking at document-to-fo.xsl, it seems that there is no <template
> > match="a">, only a <template match="link|fork|jump">. When I change
> this
> > template to <template match="a|link|fork|jump">, the build breaks
> the
> > following error message:
> >
> > "linkmap.pdf   BROKEN: internal-destination or external-destination
> must be
> > specified in basic-link"
> >
> > The PDFs are then generated with working links, so this is not so
> of a
> > problem, as the only thing affected is linkmap.pdf. But it would be
> nice to
> > have a successful build.
> >
> > Does anyone know what I have to do to get rid of this error message,
> and
> > still have links that work in PDF? Do I have to change all my <a
> href="">
> > references to <link href="">?
> You are using the v2.0 DTD, so no, do not change your links.
> > The version 0.8 document-v20.mod does not contain entries for
> "fork"
> > or "jump", but they are inlcuded in document-to-fo.xsl? Whereas "a"
> > included in document-v20.mod, but not in document-to-fo.xsl. Is this
> an
> > oversight, or have I missed something?
> There is no match for "a" elements since that element is only valid in
> our XDoc 2.0. internally Forrest uses XDoc 1.3, which only supports
> "link|fork|jump". The conversion from 2.0 to 1.3 is done prior to the
> use of document-to-fo.xsl.
> This was also the case in Forrest 0.7, it has not changed in the 0.8
> release.
> ---
> Given that the error you describe is not affected by any known change
> that I can think of it sounds like it is either a strange side effect
> in your site, or it is an error in your content.
> Here's a few debugging steps we can try:
> using your original source files and an unmodified document-to-fo.xsl
> file request http://localhost:8888/testpage.xml
> This will give you the internal XML that will be fed into the
> document-to-fo.xsl stylesheet.
> Inspect this file for anything strange, you should see that it is now
> using the 1.3 version of the DTD and that all links have been
> converted from "a" to "link|fork|jump" as appropriate.
> Now request http://localhost:8888/ this will give you  the
> formatting objects file used to create the PDF.
> Inspect this file paying particular attention to the links that you
> expect to see.
> If this doesn't highlight any specific problems then post snippets of
> the source, internal xml and FO files. It may trigger a thought in
> someones mind.
> Ross
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