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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Stop PDF Summary...
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 09:01:35 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> Patrick Ohly wrote:
> >Ross Gardler wrote:
> >>
> >> With respect to your question, if disable-toc is not present in the
> >> skinconf.xml file is it not set and so your test against it will
> >> always resolve to true:
> >>
> >> <xsl:if test="$disable-toc != 'true' and $toc-max-depth > 0">
> >
> >If that expression was true for an unset disable-toc, I would get the
> >TOC as desired, but it seems to evaluate to false although
> >"$disable-toc" is not equal to 'true'.
> Ah, yes, of course. Rushing with my replies again. One would expect
> the above to work if the node was empty.
> >> The way around this is to add the disable-toc parameter to the default 
> >skinconf.
> >
> >I agree that this make sense, but I don't like to force users to update
> >their skinconf to preserve the behavior they are used to.
> Quite right. Again I was rushing. We have an override mechanism for
>, but not for skinconf.xml. In other words we have a
>, but not a default.skinconf.xml.

Yes we do have a default skinconf. The "skinconf.xml" Cocoon pipeline
adds default values for all parameters. See main/webapp/sitemap.xmap
and for example skins/pelt/skinconf.xsl

For new parameters in the past, we have added them as optional
to the skinconf DTD and give it a new version number and doctype
Public Identifier. And new examples to main/fresh-site/


> >I found that
> >by adding string() like this I get the desired behavior:
> >  <xsl:variable name="disable-toc" 
> >  select="string(//skinconfig/pdf/disable-toc)"/>
> Good to know. Thanks.
> Ross

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