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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: generating static pages that are not linked to
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 00:25:56 GMT
Patrick Ohly wrote:
> I have a public web site for which I generate all content as static
> pages with "forrest site", then install with "rsync". This is working
> well and after going through the initial learning steps I have been very
> happy with forrest.

That is great to hear.

A "deploy.rsync" workstage for the Forrestbot would be
fanstastic. If you want to join us on the dev mail list.
Nudge, nudge.

> There's just one thing that I have not been able to figure out: I want
> to write some pages as xdoc .xml, then have "forrest site" build
> the .html and .pdf for it, but I do not want to link to these files from
> any other page. The purpose is to have one public part which is visible
> to users and search engines and a more private part that I can point
> people to in emails by giving them the "secret" URL. The problem is that
> because "forrest site" only builds pages that are referenced and thus
> does not build the "hidden" pages.
> In the mailing list archives I found the hint to add a href without
> description, but the URL would still be in the source of the generated
> HTML, it's just not visible. It doesn't validate either with forrest
> 0.8.
> Any other suggestions?

I might be seeing the hint that you refer to at
Are you sure that that causes validation errors
in document-v20 xdoc? Use "link" rather than "a"
if using document-v1* xdoc.

Anyway i note your issue about not wanting these
links to be revealed.

It hints at the solution, but only shows how to
exclude files.

This directs Apache Cocoon to add extra URIs for
processing. See

However see the link to issue FOR-480 below that.
I see that we have not updated the howto doc
to show the proper workaround.

Look at our Forrest website as an example.
You have the source at $FORREST_HOME/site-author/
or you can see the current files via browse SVN.

Look in site-author/conf/cli.xconf search for "mirrors".
Our download page is generated but not linked.
The generated file is read and displayed by the
server's mirror CGI script.

I will try to update the docs mentioned above
and the FOR-480 issue.


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