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From "Steve Odlind" <>
Subject Broken linkmap.pdf
Date Thu, 31 May 2007 15:46:35 GMT
Hello all,


I recently upgraded to the newly released version 0.8. The upgrade was
mostly painless, other than one minor issue.


My 0.7 docs contained numerous external <a href="http://www..."> and
internal <a href="#..."> references, which were not included in


When I upgraded to 0.8, I noticed that these links were ignored in PDFs.
Looking at document-to-fo.xsl, it seems that there is no <template
match="a">, only a <template match="link|fork|jump">. When I change this
template to <template match="a|link|fork|jump">, the build breaks with
the following error message:


"linkmap.pdf   BROKEN: internal-destination or external-destination must
be specified in basic-link"


The PDFs are then generated with working links, so this is not so much
of a problem, as the only thing affected is linkmap.pdf. But it would be
nice to have a successful build.


Does anyone know what I have to do to get rid of this error message, and
still have links that work in PDF? Do I have to change all my <a
href=""> references to <link href="">?


The version 0.8 document-v20.mod does not contain entries for "link",
"fork" or "jump", but they are inlcuded in document-to-fo.xsl? Whereas
"a" is included in document-v20.mod, but not in document-to-fo.xsl. Is
this an oversight, or have I missed something?


Other than that, congratulations on a successful release :-)


Many thanks,





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