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From Brian M Dube <>
Subject Re: using Subversion keyword substitution instead of published date in skin navstrip - using Forrest 0.8
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 00:13:14 GMT
Brolin Empey wrote:
> Now I am using Forrest 0.8, so I would prefer an ideal solution where
> I do not have to remember to include the SVN "Id" keyword in each
> xdocs source file and enable SVN keyword substitution for each file.
> If my ideal solution is not possible, then I will settle for creating
> a custom skin based on pelt in order to suppress the "Last Published"
> text.  I would continue to keep the SVN "Id" keyword in the page body.

A custom Cocoon generator was mentioned in the previous thread for this 
topic. I can't see how to get what you want without adding data to each 
source file.

Also in the old thread, you mentioned rebuilding your static site. A 
static build should show the correct modification time, like on 
Forrest's site. Is your public site static or dynamic?


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