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From "Brolin Empey" <>
Subject Re: using Subversion keyword substitution instead of published date in skin navstrip - using Forrest 0.8
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 22:47:24 GMT
On 5/7/07, Brian M Dube <> wrote:
> A custom Cocoon generator was mentioned in the previous thread for this
> topic. I can't see how to get what you want without adding data to each
> source file.

The idea was to add the expansion of the SVN "Id" keyword as metadata
to each source file.

I asked what was meant by "metadata", but did not receive an answer.

I was thinking that I could include the "Id" keyword in each source
file, but in the head part of the document or somewhere else other
than the body so that the expansion of the "Id" keyword is not visible
when the document is viewed.  Maybe then I could extract the expansion
of the "Id" keyword from the source file and include it in the skin
footer of the generated static page?

> Also in the old thread, you mentioned rebuilding your static site. A
> static build should show the correct modification time, like on
> Forrest's site.

Yes, but only when I am viewing my local copy of the static build.

The Web server that hosts the public site does not send a header to
tell the client when the served document was last modified.

The last modification time in the pelt skin is output by a JavaScript
method call that returns the last modification time of the document.

The problem is that the Web browser does not know when the document
was last modified because the Web server does not tell it.
Consequently, the Web browser (with Firefox on Linux, at least) thinks
the document was last modified when it was served the document.

Needless to say, this is confusing and misleading to someone who does
not understand the problem. This is why I need the last modified time
to be included in the output static page.

> Is your public site static or dynamic?

Static, but see above.

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