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From "Brolin Empey" <>
Subject using Subversion keyword substitution instead of published date in skin navstrip - using Forrest 0.8
Date Mon, 07 May 2007 23:41:49 GMT

This is a follow-up to my previous post on this subject.

The last time I asked, I was told to wait until Forrest 0.8 was
released, then ask again.

I have upgraded one Web site to use Forrest 0.8.  Everything appears
OK in the generated static site.

I want to use SVN keyword substitution to put the expansion of the
"Id" keyword for each page in my site in the pelt skin's navstrip,
replacing the "Last published" text.

Currently, I have a locally-modified copy of Forrest 0.7 with the pelt
skin changed in order to suppress the output of the "Last Published"
text.  I then use the SVN "Id" keyword in the body of each xdocs
source file.

Now I am using Forrest 0.8, so I would prefer an ideal solution where
I do not have to remember to include the SVN "Id" keyword in each
xdocs source file and enable SVN keyword substitution for each file.

If my ideal solution is not possible, then I will settle for creating
a custom skin based on pelt in order to suppress the "Last Published"
text.  I would continue to keep the SVN "Id" keyword in the page body.

Where do I start?


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