I won't publish any infos from the dev mailing list here. As I've seen that the release is for real soon (6 days testing), I thought it might be better for him (the original poster) to start using the new version. So, he can avoid the migration process of its sources.

I've been reading theses mailing (user & dev) lists for about a week now, I'm not yet aware of everything and I definitely should've kept my mouth shout :-))

Sorry again :-)


On 4/13/07, Ross Gardler <rgardler@apache.org> wrote:
Braim wrote:
> Ooops!
> I'm sorry I didn't know that.

Well how would you, I started it earlier this week by asking someone to
use the release candidate here, the only (very subtle difference) was I
asked them to join the dev list too.

So, what we should do is, suggest they may like to test the release
candidate and if they are interested join the dev list where we will
tell them where to download it.

That was we keep the Release candidate url off the user list.

For those who are interested, a release candidate is used for testing by
developers just before the actual release is made. Other projects do
make release candidates available to users. Currently this is not part
of our release process.